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Hd met big security era and intelligent video surveillance in the future

Categories: NewsStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2014-04-25 15:15:00
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  Sustained and rapid development in recent years, the security industry, security are increasingly into the fields, and people's work and life more tightly. In the future, with the development of the Internet of things, as well as the continuous increase of market demand, security industry is about to usher in the great age of the more brilliant.

  Hd intelligent development trend of the video monitoring in the future

  Natural disasters, industrial accidents, traffic accidents, medical, food safety accident, incident, etc. These factors, which affect the public safety, has been the government, society and the public attention. With the development of the era, traditional analog monitor cannot have satisfied the government, the social requirement for the quality of security monitoring. In this context, the call for hd monitor.

  About the definition of hd, most manufacturers use "HDTV" concept in the field of digital TV, to meet the 720 p, 1080 p, 1080 I format video collection, transmission, display and recording devices called hd equipment, including high-definition cameras, high-definition encoder, NVR and hd decoder, high-definition monitor equipment, also include supporting millions of pixels.

  In the aspect of application, after nearly two years of market cultivation, the application of hd products has been noticeably accelerated pace, in addition to the financial, transportation industry are increasing, with peace around the city for the construction of the project, the original upgrade of the project, the application scope of high-definition cameras also expanded year by year, high-definition monitor are various industries, play a role in every field.

  On the other hand, the performance of the market will also confirm the Numbers millions of hd and over the future of video surveillance products. According to the survey, the first half of 2011 shipments reached 900000 units of high-definition cameras, high-definition cameras shipments of 2011 is expected to maintain a 100% growth rate, at the end of the year is expected to reach 200 units, growth will be doubled. Most of the monitoring equipment manufacturers also optimistic, in 2015, millions of pixels of digital high-definition cameras will be more than analog cameras, become dominant in the field of security monitoring.

  From the past "visible" to "see clearly now, millions of high-definition digital camera technology, the development of security monitoring for the future to the development of network, Gao Qinghua, intelligent laid a good foundation. In hd monitor have clear picture, can realize intelligent analysis, to identify monitoring images of people or things, comparison, judgment, and the abnormal phenomenon to prompt the user or call the police, will the most only recording, video, video monitoring after the accident the playback query function, change to active identification, alarm, nip in the bud.

  Competition and opportunity booster high-definition monitor the road to the future

  Entered since 2011, the domestic security market increasing demand for hd monitor, many large and medium-sized cities have developed in the field of wide range of industry application of hd or upgrade, the figure of high-definition cameras has increasingly appeared in the government units, ports, airports, Banks, schools, scenic spots, etc. In the future, high-definition video surveillance market is huge, vast "money".

  High-definition monitor huge market caused many companies invested in and a wide variety of hd products also have sprung up flood the market, followed by the smoke of market competition is increasingly strong. Statistics show that: our country has the ability to produce all kinds of cameras of the small and medium-sized enterprises has reached more than 600, including more than 50 foreign investment (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) enterprises, annual production of more than 1500 ten thousand surveillance cameras, the output value of more than 120 120 yuan, create wealth has accounted for the national security around 8% of GDP.

  Competition in the market for some have no research and development strength, follow the example of hd company, is a difficult to cross the gap, because they cannot face is different from analog monitoring of the era of barriers to entry, cannot grasp core technology, unable to complete the product upgrading and continuous service. But for those who walk in hd research frontiers of power enterprise, mastered the core technology, has a strong ability of research and development production capacity and technical services, can be ready to deal with technology upgrading needs, become a brand enterprise of hd era.

  Competition for the development of the industry have the effect of optimization, the final will encourage domestic security monitoring industry towards the real mature, little and big manufacturer, the market is highly centralized and standardized.

  Hd era of the rise of national brands

  After 30 years of development, at present the security industry in China has developed into an annual output value of nearly 200 billion yuan major industry, and increase at a speed of more than 25% a year, industry has an important influence in the international security market. Chinese companies in the field of global security, national brand team is growing, many Chinese security companies are starting to hit all over the world, the business scope with strength and conviction, to people of different skin color, pass the security brand value in China.

  China's rapid development of security industry has won the acceptance of the world. Ember in shenzhen in 2011, the global security industry association announced that its headquarters will be moved to shenzhen, China from Washington, American security industry association to its center set up in shenzhen in the asia-pacific region, the three parties will collaborate to establish global security industry in shenzhen data information center and global security technology and products trading center.

  With the continuous improvement of China's science and technology level and the digital age, the gap between China and developed countries in science and technology will increasingly narrow. In the security monitoring of hd era, Chinese enterprise occupies an important seat in the heart of the global security market, by the China enterprise independent research and development of the national brand high-definition monitor product will break at present, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States to occupy the main market share, puts glorious greatly in the security monitoring in the future market.

  Iot grand strategy to the Chinese security industry to take off

  Iot, widely used in intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government, public security, and peace, household, intelligent fire control and other fields. BBS iot industry development in 2011 published report predicts that over the next five years the global Internet industry market will presents the fast growth, annual average growth rate of nearly 25%. Estimate that by 2015 China's Internet industry will achieve the scale of the more than 5000 one hundred million yuan, an average annual growth of around 11%.

  Thanks to the Internet of things development good effects of grand strategy, 28 provinces and cities across the country had been put iot as a key support and development of emerging industries, many first-line, second-line cities are building or planning iot industrial park, in the field of Internet of things security wisdom city, peaceful city, intelligent transportation and other projects have also been made in full swing in many cities.

  According to industry experts predict that the domestic Internet security intelligent equipment market will grow at an annual rate of more than 20%, is expected to reach $10 billion in 2015, the size of the market. The development of the strategy for the Internet of things, will bring security industry rapid development of the second spring, from security products to system solutions, comprehensive power take-off of security industry.

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