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The classification of the CCD camera

Categories: Technical SupportStars: 3Stars Visit: - Release time: 2014-04-25 20:23:00
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  Security system, the image of the generated current is mainly from the CCD camera, CCD is short for charge-coupled device (chargecoupleddeice), it can turn the light into electrical charges and the charge storage and transfer, also can remove the storage charge voltage will vary, so is the ideal camera components, with its composition of CCD camera has a small volume, light weight, affected by the magnetic field, a seismic impact on the characteristics of the east and is widely used.

  The CCD camera can be roughly divided into the following categories:

  According to the imaging color division

  (1) color video camera: suitable for landscape details to identify, such as to distinguish the color of the clothes or scenery. Because of the color and make the amount of information increases, the amount of information is thought to be 10 times the black and white cameras.

  (2) : black and white camera is used for insufficient light region and can't install lighting at night, when only the location of the monitoring objects or mobile, can choose resolution is usually higher than that of color video camera is black and white video camera.

  In accordance with the camera resolution

  (1) around 250000 pixels (pixel), image pixel color resolution of about 330 lines, 420 lines of resolution black and white, low-grade type.

  (2) image pixels between 250000 ~ 380000, the 420 line, black and white color resolution in 500 lines of intermediate model up and down

  (3) image in more than 380000 points, black and white, color resolution is greater than or equal to 480 line resolution, more than 570 lines of high resolution.

  In accordance with the camera sensitivity

  (1) type: normal work the required illuminance for 1 ~ 3 lux

  (2) the moon type: normal work the required illuminance is about 0.1 Lux

  (3) the star type: normal work the required illuminance below 0.01 Lux

  (4) type infrared lighting: can in principle zero illumination, using infrared light imaging.

  According to the camera CCD target surface size of components

  (1) linch target surface size for 12.7 mmX high 9.6 mm wide, diagonal 16 mm

  (2) the target surface 2/3 inch size is 8.8 mmX high 6.6 mm wide, diagonal 11 mm

  (3) the target surface size of 1/2 inch wide mmX 6.4 6.4 mm high, diagonal 8 mm

  (4) 1/3 inch target surface size for 4.8 mmX high 3.6 mm wide, 6 mm diagonal

  (5) 1/4 inch target surface size for 3.2 mmX high 2.4 mm wide, diagonal 4 mm

  (6) 1/5 inch are under development, and have not yet been formally product launch

  In addition the CCD cameras with PAL system and NTSC system, can also according to the image signal processing methods of dividing or structure to distinguish by cameras.