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New ANPR system[ 09-09 16:24 ]
Hard recognition technology, based on the camera with the software built in, recognize license plate by video, recognition rate up to 99.7%!
The high resolution surveillance solution for shop, supermarket[ 09-05 18:46 ]
The shop with small size, simple circumstance feature, management person mainly consider about practical performance of video surveillance,the camera come with function of site monitoring, recording, alarming, remote visit, mobile phone monitor. Therefor we concluded below several application demand.
Hisilicon senior leader was visited ASB company[ 03-20 04:45 ]
IP Camera and HD Network System Solution; Hisilicon camera
AnShiBaoas exclusive sponsorship treasure "the fourth national wisdom city summit" welcome dinner[ 04-26 19:31 ]
On September 19, 2012, 2012 in the fourth session of the Chinese wisdom city summit welcome dinner was held at shimao riverside Hilton Hotel in nanjing. Shenzhen AnShiBaotechnology to be the exclusive sponsor for the dinner, shenzhen AnShiBaodepending on the treasure technology chairman Mr Li Guangzhe by dinner host deep AnXie Yang Huichang invitation, delivered a warm speech.
Shandong province public security department leaders spoke highly of shenzhen AnShiBaoa[ 04-26 19:27 ]
2014 AnShiBaodepending on the treasure technology co., LTD. Shenzhen image spokesperson and 2014 new signing conference was held in (shandong jinan news building). Shenzhen AnShiBaodepending on the treasure technology co., LTD., shenzhen security association security association, shandong province, shandong province public security department and technology department chief Liu Tanxi Sir. To see treasure company issued at the meeting the security association, standing director of shandong province plaque and to see treasure company to support the development of shandong security for a long tim
The security of cultural relics and lightning protection technology standards[ 04-25 20:17 ]
Report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Xiubing) reporter recently learned from the state administration of cultural heritage, the requirements of safe guard system in museums and cultural relics protection units and the "norm of cultural relic building lightning protection technology" two standards have been issued. Of these two standards to regulate security system construction of cultural relics and lightning protection facilities, enhance the level of cultural safety is of great significance.
About the security of low voltage cable monitor video line definition[ 04-25 20:16 ]
People on generalized surveillance video line is defined, it is applied to the security of weak current, visual system, wire and cable links cameras and video terminal. Surveillance video line is a kind of coaxial cable, also a coaxial line of video.
Brand building, explosion-proof monitoring key process standardized management[ 04-25 20:13 ]
Explosion-proof monitoring industry in China started in the 1980 s, after more than 30 years development, with the advancement of our country urbanization, urbanization, explosion-proof monitoring industry into a high-speed growth. A series of important international events held in China, will promote China explosion-proof monitoring market demand growing; Gao Qinghua, intelligent, from application, explosion-proof monitoring time is about to come, enterprise how to pinpoint the location, surprise victory in the competition, brand construction has been on the agenda.
Hd met big security era and intelligent video surveillance in the future[ 04-25 15:15 ]
Sustained and rapid development in recent years, the security industry, security are increasingly into the fields, and people's work and life more tightly. In the future, with the development of the Internet of things, as well as the continuous increase of market demand, security industry is about to usher in the great age of the more brilliant.
Maintaining the order of the examination room security technology comprehensive power[ 04-25 15:11 ]
In the recruitment of students test leaking questions have paid close attention to by the society, strengthening the management of examination paper printing and circulation of the university entrance exam this year, in the current paper bags with transparent plastic, from YinChang to ets for GPS and mobile video surveillance, liaison and sent to the ets supervision and examination paper transport, the transition; To strengthen the management of examination paper storage and distribution link.
AnShiBao depending on the treasure will be ember will release a new generation of products[ 04-25 15:10 ]
Recently, depending on the treasure to release a new generation of Ann, it supports 4 g and hd video transmission, extensible, a variety of business functions.
Haisi President to visit shenzhen AnShiBao depending on the booth[ 04-25 14:23 ]
On October 29, 2013 - November 1, two years of the China international social public security fair (hereinafter referred to as the ember will) officially kicked off in shenzhen. Shenzhen AnShiBao depending on the treasure to show in this exhibition the latest network as a whole solution, on products and technology promotion is one of the biggest attraction.
AnShiBao ember will treasure appearance in shenzhen[ 04-25 14:17 ]
On October 29, 2013 - November 1, the 14th China international public safety fair held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. As the world's largest and one of the most influential security exhibition, 2013 shenzhen ember will attract the participation of many security companies both at home and abroad, also ushered in a large number of security industry and professional audience communication. On visual treasure is security ten well-known brands in China, has the first-class research and development team and the product, attract many businessmen to visit AnShiBao depending on the treas
Approached security products close to the safe[ 04-25 14:04 ]
To monitor the gatekeeper of security, from the ancient to now of surveillance cameras, access control video intercom, etc., the development of the industry is changing. As the security of enterprises, more and more kinds of security monitoring, technology is also more and more complex. AnShiBao inspect treasure also follow industry development change and change, although the technology constantly improving, species increased, but only the rich of the rich and powerful ancient rulers to have monitor Settings. Now, almost everyone can have.
GSIA global security alliance President spoke highly of Shenzhen AnShiBao Technology Co,Ltd[ 04-25 12:56 ]
On February 17, 2014, GSIA global security alliance President Richard chase was invited to visit the shenzhen AnShiBao depending on the treasure technology co., LTD., and on the company's production of hardware facilities and standardized management process gave high evaluation. China's public security magazine President assistant to wait people took part in the research on the fan.
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