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Intelligent transportation monitoring solution


  The requirements analysis

  Urban economic growth, urbanization process accelerated, traffic safety, traffic congestion and environmental pollution become the three problems in the field of urban traffic in China, especially in recent years to traffic safety, the two problems is the most serious traffic jams. Frequent traffic accidents and bad influence, early peak late peak serious traffic jams, complaints from the public, to the department in charge of transportation bring great challenge. According to professional institutions, according to the intelligent transportation technology, traffic accident death toll can be reduced by more than 30%, transport passage efficiency more than 40%.

  System composition

  - intelligent traffic monitoring platform

  Macro - road hd video monitoring system

  - hd electronic police system

  - hd electronic monitoring system

  System characteristics

  Video surveillance system and BRT to provide technical security monitoring system for road traffic efficiency

  - command center comprehensive intuitive grasp of urban road traffic conditions

  Real-time automatic detection, intelligent video analysis technology road congestion

  Hd electronic police system with hd electronic monitoring system to improve traffic safety work

  Ascension through a red light violations forensics efficient - hd pictures

  - precise speed and high-definition image forensics governance overspeed behavior

  - clear hd video capture retrograde, change lanes, unlawful traffic behavior such as the yellow line

  - ring formation into a network of electronic mount comprehensive record, traffic characterization and tracking the trajectory of driving

  Intelligent transportation monitoring system emphasizes the data sharing and practical applications

  - high definition photos, high-definition video, illegal information, traffic parameters on the platform unified flow, processing and storage

  - standard parts to ensure and CheGuan, JiaGuan seamless docking, library and security involves the suspicion of garage, DaoQiang garage to realize data sharing and comparison, improve traffic safety automation

  - SOA architecture to ensure and light control system, traffic guidance system, open public information release system interaction, maximize the monitoring efficiency of resource utilization, to provide technical support for the traffic channel

  - with urban traffic GIS system and cluster calling system to real-time traffic channel




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