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The campus monitoring system solutions


  1, the requirements analysis

  In order to ensure the safety of the students during the period of school, around the country increased the campus police, and particularly on students, school time arranged officers unattended, the school has strengthened the campus management, equipped with security staff at the same time actively improve the students' safety awareness. In increasing dimension as a means of civil air defense is also indispensable, campus hd video monitoring system arises at the historic moment, it can be used as a daily management of campus security protection system; Can be in order to better safeguard the rights and interests of the exam discipline and the examinee and use of electronic test monitoring system.

  2, the system structure

  Campus monitoring system structure of the main three parts: front end video acquisition unit, local control center, the education bureau of remote monitoring center three-level network structure. On the front end equipment point to point a hd video camera, complete visual audio signal digital processing, packaged into IP packets on the network transmission, through the local monitoring center server management, storage, and control, remote control center through education private network and the testing in every jurisdiction management server communication at any time call the schools surveillance video. 

  3, platform functions

  Campus monitoring system (electronic test monitoring system) can realize the following functions: the scene monitoring, remote monitoring and control preview, preview capture, superposition of OSD, video packet switching, video playback, remote control, intelligent retrieval, rights management, remote network tour.

  4, the system characteristics

  This system has the characteristics of the system are: high-definition, multi-purpose, cost savings, adopting digital technology does not need to repeat investment, highly intelligent teaching environment, high degree of openness, maintenance simple, flexible and video file storage system structure flexible and expandable.




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