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The hotel network monitoring solution


  1.1 system overview

  Network video monitoring system relative to the traditional video monitoring system is a significant leap, it increases the more intelligence features. Digital video files, on the other hand, is more manageable, such as digital information easier to transmit through the network; Digital compression technology can save storage space and realize the fast search of recorded material, in order to minimize network traffic, the camera can be programmed, makes it to send the image only when a particular event.

  The current digital compression techniques mainly include the M - JPEG, mpeg-4, h. 264 standard. Above these technology, has already been successfully applied to the network monitoring, but according to different network environment according to different customers and different solutions. Its advantage is mainly embodied in the following respects.

  First, convenient for computer processing. Due to the digital video image, so can make full use of computer rapid processing ability, compression, storage, and display on it.

  Second, suitable for long distance transmission. Digital information anti-interference ability is strong, not easily affected by transmission line signal attenuation, and can be encrypted.

  Third, easy to find. In the traditional analog monitoring system, when there is a problem need to spend a lot of time to find the scene to watch video recording; In the network video monitoring system, using computer to establish index, in a few minutes to find the corresponding field records.

  Fourth, improve the quality of the image and the monitoring efficiency. Using the computer can not clear image denoising, sharpen, such as processing, by adjusting the image size, with the display of high resolution, can watch the clear high quality image. In addition, you can on a monitor to watch video or more road 32 images at the same time.

  Fifth, the system easy to manage and maintain. Network video monitoring system is mainly composed of electronic devices, high integration, can use cable or wireless video transmission channel. In this way, the whole system is a modular structure, small volume, easy to install, use and maintenance.

  It is because the network video monitoring has the incomparable virtues than the traditional analog monitoring, and conform to the current information society, the development trend of digital, network and intelligent monitoring, simulation network video monitoring is gradually replacing is widely used in all walks of life.

  1.2.2 transmission analysis:

  Scheme using the mature network transmission and control related equipment to complete the monitoring data of network transmission, used network equipment using TCP/IP protocol, itself has a good mechanism to ensure data transmission, ensure the data accurate, safe and reliable to related equipment. Video monitoring system of transmission system needs to be completed video information, control, information and other data of the business, ensure that all the information is not lost, do not delay.

  Professional client 4-way hd video playback

  Support the client users according to the video camera, in time, according to event query retrieval, retrieval, video can be performed immediately after replays and support the other video backup to CD storage medium.

  1.2.3 video content intelligent retrieval:

  System has optional video content intelligent retrieval function modules, can be on the system of existing video retrieval of video content analysis. Video content intelligent video retrieval function to retrieve the history of the key characteristics of the target (such as people, cars, etc.), the key characteristics of activities (e.g., appear and disappear, mobile, aggregation) type, such as for videos used for rapid positioning.

  1. 2.4 Remote control functions:

  Users choose to support yuntai camera after operation, can be in any one system login have permission of the client to the remote camera haeundae operation control. Remote control support three patterns: PC keyboard control, the keyboard control, the professional and original mouse yuntai function. Mouse yuntai function can be shown in the video images directly click on the corresponding position, yuntai control functions can be realized, is more intuitive way of yuntai control operation.

  1.2.5 client functions:

  Can realize all kinds of function of the client, supporting the professional client PC, the Web client, local interface to the client, mobile client client operations to access a variety of ways. Provide a full range of operation and management functions.

  1.2.6 professional storage function:

  NVR integrates professional storage controller, hotplug support, support more activity on the hard disk video memory management functions.

  1.2.7 entire network equipment unified clock synchronization:

  Support receiving standard NTP clock service agreement, can be an external high-precision clock source correct center clock with the device itself, at the same time can through online number of signaling protocol to access management equipment periodically clock synchronization, guarantee all the front-end equipment video time with center in sync, fundamentally put an end to the traditional analog monitoring equipment or d/a combination of equipment of multiple time difference is big problem.




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