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CCTV Camera System Solution[ 01-10 03:33 ]
CCTV Camera System Solution: Easy Migration from Analog to IP System with Existing Coaxial Cable.  
The kinds of surveillance camera and using method[ 04-25 20:34 ]
Ordinary, apparatus, half spherical, YinBiXing, all-in-one, ir waterproof model, infrared half spherical, high-speed ball, medium-speed ball, low speed, constant speed ball
H.264 technology[ 04-25 20:31 ]
H. 264 algorithm in concept can be divided into two layers: video coding layer (VCL: VideoCodingLayer) is responsible for the efficient video content, said network abstraction layer (NAL: NetworkAbstractionLayer) is responsible for the appropriate required by network way for packaging and transmit data. Between the VCL and NAL defines an interface based on grouping, packaging and the corresponding signal to a part of the NAL. In this way, high coding efficiency and network friendliness tasks are done by the VCL and NAL respectively.
Low illumination camera and infrared lamp[ 04-25 20:30 ]
Low intensity of illumination camera was introduced in recent years, with the development of semiconductor technology and monitoring of industry products. Has been widely used in finance, wenbo, hotels, office buildings, residential area property management, etc. Due to the traditional camera is difficult to meet the 24-hour continuous monitoring (because it can't possibly be turn on the light in any place do 24 hours) of demand, the new technology of ultra low illumination camera to seize the opportunity of a rapid development.
The monitoring system of lightning protection design, discussion[ 04-25 20:26 ]
As the safety monitoring system in Banks, traffic, communities, the rapid popularization application of warehouse management, equipment monitoring and control system for the likelihood of lightning damage is greatly increased. The consequences may be the whole monitoring system operation failure, and is difficult to estimate the economic loss caused.
The classification of the CCD camera[ 04-25 20:23 ]
Security system, the image of the generated current is mainly from the CCD camera, CCD is short for charge-coupled device (chargecoupleddeice), it can turn the light into electrical charges and the charge storage and transfer, also can remove the storage charge voltage will vary, so is the ideal camera components, with its composition of CCD camera has a small volume, light weight, affected by the magnetic field, a seismic impact on the characteristics of the east and is widely used.
Video image transmission[ 04-25 20:22 ]
In the monitoring system, monitoring image transmission is a vital link in the whole system, choose what kind of media and transmit images and other equipment control signals will be directly related to the quality and reliability of monitoring and control system. At present, in the monitoring system of the main medium used to transmit image signal are coaxial cable, twisted pair and fibre, and the corresponding transmission equipment are coaxial video amplifier, twisted pair video transmission equipment and optical transceiver. To form a high quality monitoring network, we must understand the
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